Delivering beyond customer expectations...

Misbah makes your ad unique, eye-catching and powerful.

Misbah Advertising is creative advertising, designing, and printing company located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, proudly serving our reputed clients since 2007.

Misbah Advertising provides the client with management for a full-service advertising campaign from working out a media strategy before its implementation, by means of all kinds of advertising carriers and marketing actions.

Honesty, efficiency, responsibility, a reasonable price policy – these are the main principles of advertising work.

The creative and ambitious Misbah Team achieves success, through being guided by a principle – to do everything for the client and a bit more.

The purpose of every ad is to consistently attract new customers as well as maintaining existing customers. This is where a creative advertising company like Misbah can help you. And in order to avoid overlooking your design, Misbah makes your ad unique, eye-catching, and powerful.
Indoor and Outdoor printing, Graphic Design, Acrylic works, Lamination, Screen Printing, Sign making, Website design, illustration, Promotions, Video production, and editing, as well as marketing strategies are all done in-house by our talented associates of marketing planning specialists, designers, and technicians. Misbah professional consultants are there for you, to give the right advice, and for sure it is for free. No worries, no headache, no more delays. Let us be your Business Partner and be strong support for your future.

Why Misbah ?

  • You’ve got a range of choices
  • We do what we say we do
  • Quality results by using modern machinery
  • Experienced design, editorial, and production teams
  • Nothing goes to print without your final confirmation
  • On-time prompt delivery
  • We respect your privacy

Our Vision & Mission

To maintain and be the acknowledged leader in printing through consistent improvement in quality.

Advertising Abudhabi

  • To recognize the customer’s right to quality ,service ,timely delivered and cost.
  • To ensure maximum satisfaction to the clients.
  • To ensure individual growth to fullest potential.
  • To maintain high degree of efficiency and attain international standard.
  • Quality through people and technology.




Core Values

  • Discipline and respect for commitment.
  • Ownership of organization’s goals and interests; Taking accountability and responsibility.
  • Trust, sensitivity and professional conduct.
  • Quality orientation and pursuit of excellence